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  • What is Mindful Kids Group Programme
    This is a 8 week programme that runs over the school term after school. It is for 5-12 years olds. The programme is designed for children whose anxiety is getting in the way of enjoying life. They learn strategies to help manage their anxiety so they can feel more confident and brave.
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  • What are the private sessions for children and teens about?
    These sessions are created to meet your individual needs and the number of sessions depends on those needs. I usually recommend a minimum of 4 sessions and then review. We cover the same course content as the group programme but the sessions are more tailored to individuals so more focus on their strengths and interests and incorporating this into the session plan.
  • What is the holiday programme
    The Mindful Kids holiday programme is for children aged 5-12 years of age. The group gains an understanding of mindfulness with a particular focus on nature. We explore body movement and breath through yoga. Connecting body and mind and finding more balance. It’s a creative workshop and the art is inspired by nature using as many natural resources as possible.
  • Holiday Programme when, where, what and how much?
    Second week of school holidays on Wednesday and Thursday. Based in Mount Maunganui at the Scout Hall on May Street The cost is $80 per child. $150 for siblings.
  • What's included in the holiday programme?
    -Mindfulness and Yoga -Art materials and resources -Connection to nature and exploration - Excellent teacher to child ratio for inclusion
  • What's included in the group programme and private sessions?
    -Mindful Kids folder with handouts - one to one ratio with a focus on strengths and interests. - Materials -Links and resources for parents
  • What are booster sessions ?
    Booster sessions are for anyone who's completed the group programme of private sessions and something particularly challenging coming up in life, like starting a new school, new class, new place of work. We create a coping step plan incorporating the steps we learnt. There is a 10% for anyone who books a booster session.
  • What are the parent sessions?
    These sessions are created to meet your individual needs and the number of sessions depends on those needs. You might be a parent who would like some sessions to become more mindful or to manage your own anxiety or you might like some information on how to parent your anxious child.
  • What is Embodime ?
    Embodime provides services for children and adults who would like to be more mindful and present
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