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Guided Imagery

A natural way to introduce children to mindfulness is through guided imagery,

Guided Imagery users visualization and imagination to bring awareness to the mind-body connection. Children can easily access this healing process because their naturally imaginative. By relaxing into a vivid story they gain tools to deal with stress, It is a wonderful way to connect to your child!

While sitting with your child and taking deep breaths, try this guided imagery technique, "The Treehouse"

Technique: The key is to use all your senses , to bring your attention back to the present moment and to focus on relaxing your body and taking slow steady breaths.

Here is a guided visualisation that you can explore with your child and one that is very popular in Mindful Kids! Feel free to add your own creativity by cultivating the sensors. For example " Can you hear the sound of the wind gently blowing through the leaves"?

Treehouse Script
Download DOC • 125KB

To find more information about this deep breathing exercise visit

There's also a great guided meditation called "Your Secret Treehouse' visit

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