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Kia Ora

Katheryn works from her home in Mount Maunganui. She’s created a beautiful space in her garden studio where she offers private sessions, workshops and yoga for all ages. 


As a Therapist Katheryn understands the value of unconditional positive regard and client centered practice. This means that she’s in total allowance of you being yourself. She aims to guide people to recognise their strengths and beliefs so they can BE the BEST they can Be. 


The philosophy behind embodime is that you can heal your life through your body.

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My Story

I Moved to Mount Maunagnui from the UK in 2008 with my kiwi born partner. We have two children Amber and Jacob. We also have a super chilled dog called Millie and friendly feline cat called Luna. We love living an outdoor lifestyle filled with adventure and tranquillity.

I qualified as an OT in the UK and when I moved to NZ I worked in mental health specialising in anxiety management and supporting people of all ages. During my time working with children at MICAMHS I facilitated the Friends Resilience Programme, an evidence based programme designed to support children’s mental health, self-confidence and resilience.


In 2018 I decided to move into private practice so I could find more life balance. I trained in mindfulness and incorporated the practice my work and personal practice which was a game changer.  I wanted to offer a mindfulness based programme for children and this is when “Mindful Kids’ was created - A structured group programme that was inspired by the friends resilience programme but had a greater emphasis on mindfulness and breath work.


From there the business grew and I started providing holiday programmes and parenting support. In 2020 I decided to train as a yoga teacher and incorporate this into my business and in 2022 embodime was born.


A service that supports families and individuals to live a more fulfilled life. 

Mindful Parents Feedback

"Both my children have benefited from spending time with the beautiful soul Kat. They’ve learnt techniques to calm their anxiety levels, feel grounded in their body & stop their heads from racing away.  They just seem calmer, happier in their skin & more able to bounce back after a fall.  The concepts Kat teaches will be useful for them throughout their lives- I wish I had learnt these when I was younger.  Invaluable learning- thank you so much Kat"

- Leanne Hopkins

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